• 08-10-2017: Final Program available online here!
  • 18-08-2017: List of accepted papers has been announced. You can find it here.
  • 12-08-2017: Notifications have been sent.


This workshop invites researchers and practitioners to participate in exploring behavioral change support intelligent transportation applications. We welcome submissions that explore intelligent transportation systems (ITS), which interact with travelers in order to persuade them or nudge them towards sustainable transportation behaviors and decisions. Emerging opportunities including the use of data and information generated by ITS and users’ mobile devices in order to render personalized, contextualized and timely transport behavioral change interventions are in our focus.

We invite submissions and ideas from domains of ITS including, but not limited to, multi modal journey planners, advanced traveler information systems and in-vehicle systems. The expected outcome will be a deeper understanding on the challenges and future research directions with respect to behavioral change support through ITS.